Pasta made from insects is selling like hot cakes and the demand is overwhelming

pasta made from bugs and other insects

A French pasta maker is using insect flower as his main ingredient for his pasta noodles. This may sound gross, but its particular "nutty" taste and nutritional profile has it "flying" of the shelves..

"The insect is the protein of the future," Richard says. "It's protein of high quality that is well digested by the body."

For Richard's unique pastas, she uses pulverised crickets and grasshoppers, sometimes mixing the two, and sometimes mixing ground cepes with cricket flour.

"There's a kind of nutty taste thanks to the cepes, making it taste more like whole wheat pasta," Richard says.

She was developing a high-protein pasta for athletes when an insect distributor in eastern Lyon contacted her.

Sold on the idea, she began producing pasta made from insect flour in time for the December holidays, and around 500 packages flew off her shelves.