Hipsters Create Yet Another Useless Product: Laptop Selfie Stick

Hipster Laptop Selfie Stick

As if the smart phone selfie stick wasn't enough, these hipsters decided that they'd rather have a selfie stick for their laptop. Smh...

I'm not real big into this 'hipster' movement that is going on right now, and its largely in part because of stuff like this. Hipsters are the kings of creating useless junk to try make themselves stand out. What normal person is going to carry this around?!

Selfie Sticks, the much-maligned photographic instruments of yesteryear, have evolved. Self-aware hipsters can now by a selfie stick designed to support a MacBook.

Designers John Yuyi and Tom Galle teamed up with Moises from conceptual art company Art404 to design a prototype stick that functions just like a smartphone selfie stick - but instead fits a full-sized laptop for even better photos.

The prototype was a form of art project, and the designers took to the streets of New York to document their findings

This picture asks the real question. Why?!