Creepy Rare Fish Discovered in Newfoundland

Creepy fish discovered in newfoundland

I don't like water unless its coming from a faucet, bottle, or falling from the sky. Why you might ask? Because there is no freaky ass fish like this in that type of water.

Some Fishermen from Nova Scotia were working on a trawler boat when they pulled one of these 'alien' looking fish from one of the nets.

creepy fish from newfoundland

After some careful investigating, Tanner eventually determined his crew had caught a rarely seen deepwater fish known as the longnose chimaera. Fittingly, it is named after the ancient mythical Greek monster the Chimaera.

Dalhousie University professor of biology Jeffrey Hutchings confirmed Tanner's suspicions in an interview with CBC News. He said the fish are rarely seen by humans due to their tendency to lurk at depths of more than several hundred metres.

The fish, also known as a knifenose chimaera, are also completely harmless to humans. Lucky, that. They survive on a diet of crabs and shrimp when not too busy resembling the Creature from the Black Lagoon.