A robotic home is a hangovers best friend

a robotic home that senses when your hungover

Being punished with a hangover after a night of binge drinking is unfair, but it happens -- a lot.. Imagine living in a house that catered to your hangover without ever leaving the comfort of your bed. You could just 'Netflix and chill' by yourself all day while your house took care of you. Would this make the 'wife' obsolete?

"The house knows the context, whether [its occupants] were watching a movie or sleeping or whatever," says Ashutosh Saxena, a research fellow at Stanford and founder of Brain of Things, which is based in Redwood City, California. "As they are walking around the house, our house follows how they are acting, and it can know a lot."

The blinds in the apartment will automatically lift when you rise for work in the morning, and lower mechanically at the right time in the evening. If the apartment senses that you just got up for a glass of water in the night, it will light the way without blinding you. It can even learn to keep the blinds lowered for longer on Sunday morning if you got in late or had friends over for a party.