American College student gets 15 years in North Korea prison

American College gets 15 years in North Korea prison

The problem here is a HUGE lack in common sense. You'd think for a college student that he'd be a bit smarter than to go into a country like North Korea, a country that hates Americans, and try to steal something knowing that they have harsh laws. I'd like to say that I feel sorry for him, but I'm having a hard time with that. I'd say the 15 years in prison is a bit extensive, but again, don't steal from North Korea, especially if your American.

North Korea has sentenced an American college student to 15 years' hard labour after finding him guilty of "crimes against the state", in a ruling that is certain to increase tensions with Washington.

Otto Warmbier, a 21-year-old economics student at the University of Virginia, was found guilty of committing "severe crimes" against the North Korean state after he was held for allegedly attempting to steal a political banner from a restricted area of the hotel where he was staying in the capital Pyongyang.

What makes things worse for Otto, is that he prepared a statement for television and told a lie about why he did it, blaming a member of the 'so-called' church he attended for asking him to do it, in which came back as false.

In a prepared statement read out before TV cameras, Warmbier said a member of Friendship United Methodist Church in Wyoming, Ohio, described as the mother of a friend, had offered him a used car worth $10,000 if he could return with the banner as a "trophy" from North Korea.

Church officials said they did not know the woman identified by Warmbier, adding that he was not a member of the congregation.

Warmbier, from Ohio, broke down in tears as he acknowledged and apologised for his alleged crime, which he described as "the worst mistake of my life".

The moral here is this. DON'T STEAL! Especially from North Korea.