Chicken Tractor Addition to our inner City Farm

Inner city farm chicken tractor

When you live in the city, but want to live on a farm, it's very hard to have farm animals without destroying your property and most importantly, pissing off your neighbors.

Here, we live on just under a half an acre. For city people, I'd say that we're pretty "county" in the style of life we like to live, but when the housing market crashed and kids starting popping out of my wife (for lack of better words. Sorry babe.), we bought what we could afford. And it happened to be in the city.

We decided to add out first farm animal, and since we eat a LOT of eggs each day, it was only fitting to get chickens. The best way to do this was by building a small -- moveable -- chicken tractor that takes up very little room, and keeps your lawn from getting thrashed. This thing houses 3 nests and 4 chickens, and out of those 4 chickens we average 3-4 eggs per day!

chicken tractor in the city back yard


  1. 2x3 fir framing

  2. tin metal roofing

  3. cedar fencing

  4. chicken wire fencing

  5. lawn mower wheels

Total cost = Approximately $80