War Dragons! The Best Mobile Game On The Planet!

war dragons best mobile game app

I've told myself over and over again ever since I got my first smart phone, that I would never get addicted to a mobile game. For me, the thrill of a new game usually only lasts for a week, maybe a month, but never very long. That was, at least, until I discovered War Dragons.

I have been playing War Dragons for the last 4 months and I haven't lost a bit of interest in the game yet.


- Participate in a wide variety of weekly events and tournaments including 'The War of Infinite Battles' and 'The Blackbloods Return.'
- Collect, breed, and train hundreds of dragons possessing different attack styles, spell abilities, and classes
- Strategize and build your island fortress with the optimal combination of lightning towers, ballistas, and archers
- Launch attacks against real people in real-time
- Experience spectacular 3D graphics

**Couple Of Tips**

The first thing you will want to do as soon as you hit level 6 is join a guild. Once you join a guild the game pulls you in even deeper. In a guild you can help fellow members by supporting them in war, helping each other with resources, and in events.

The fastest way to level up your dragons, is to find help from a high level guild member and ask them to help in an "XP RUN". An XP RUN means just that. Your going to find a base that offers you max xp for your dragon and attack it with a higher level guild member joining you in the attack. Use the dragon you want to level up, and if you die right away, don't worry, that is why you invited backup. As long as your higher level backup can get the base to 70%, you'll get full xp.

Real Time Game Play Below

Check out this quick BREEDING GUIDE for a reference to what parents you need to have breedable for each dragon. Also an estimated token cost for each dragon.