How NES Stadium Events Changed this mans life

NES stadium events tim atwood

Tim Atwood was clearing out a warehouse in the early 90's when he noticed a pallet of boxes heading for the scrap bin. Little did he know it was going to be worth a fortune.

In 1992, he was on a crew cleaning out an abandoned warehouse near a JCPenney on the east side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and at the time didn't know much about Nintendo. The word was ubiquitous -- the NES had been out for six years -- but meant only Mario to a guy like Tim. Workers in the warehouse were tossing everything into a garbage bin, including dusty arcade cabinets. Tim saw a pallet of small cardboard boxes in the corner of the warehouse; those boxes turned out to be about 250 sealed cases of individual games for the NES made before 1991, all waiting to be scrapped. He knew someone with a storage space. For reasons he still can't explain, he decided to keep the pallet for himself instead of throwing it away.

Twenty-four years later, he had become something like a myth, the 60-year-old who loved Mountain Dew and playing the now-retro NES, who might be sitting on a fortune.

The NES game, Stadium Events, was a game aimed to promote family fitness.In fact, Family Fun Fitness was in the title. It was truly one-of-a-kind, and at the time it was the only game like it. Now its worth upwards of $67,000 on Ebay.

To play the game, you'd run in place on one of these Power Pads to run and jump. I have spent countless hours on one one of these running and muffing hurdles..

stadium events power pad