Krampus is a real thing in LA now.

Krampus in Los Angeles

Krampus, a Catholic folklore that disciplines children on Santa's naughty list , is gaining ground in LA. Until recently, this has been a big thing in Austrian and Bavarian culture.

The city of Los Angeles, California have adopted this culture and now hold an event on December 5th called the Krampus Run , where people -- mostly men -- dress up in scary krampus costume and run through the streets and into taverns chasing bells and taking people's hats.

So what is Krampus?

Krampuses are horned and hairy beasts in Alpine folklore who work as agents of St. Nicholas, prowling the countryside with him on Krampusnacht, which is every December 5th -- and if you think you know Krampuses (Krampi??) because you watched the movie with Adam Scott, then you're wrong. You can sort of think of them as much-scarier-looking-Santas: creatures who signal their approach by the jangle of their bells, and though they may be fearsome, those who have been good will find them merciful. But if you've been bad, a Krampus may swat you with a switch. And if you've been very bad, he may shove you in his basket and drag you to hell or throw you in a frozen lake. So be good, for goodness' sake.