Possibly 2 more Destiny Expansions in 2017 before the release of Destiny 2

destiny dlc expansions 2017

The team at Bungie has dropped a possible hint at releasing 2 more dlc expansions for Destiny in 2017 before the release of Destiny 2

**uh oh, Here comes a rant**

Chances are that it'll be the same quality of DLC that Rise of Iron was. The same, minimal, lack of content that Bungie likes to give you for two-thirds the price of a full game. And you know whats crazy!? We're letting them bend us over a barrel every time!

When Rise of Iron was released I told myself I wouldn't buy it. I wasn't going to pay $29.99 for a DLC that only gave me a handful of missions, all of which you can run through in a couple hours, and a raid that unless all your friends are playing Destiny or you want to sit on Destinylfg for hours to find a group, you'll never be able to play. That makes it difficult for those with families and a full time job.

What really pisses me and many others off about this game, is that they make the "premium content", like raids and trials, too damn hard to play for many players because of the lack of a matchmaking system for those without a list full of friends online playing Destiny.

And guess what I did! I bought the stupid DLC anyway!

**End Rant**

Anyways, sorry about that. Back to why this may be a good thing.

According to a Bungie post, Activision is working with the developers to provide a steady stream of content to the users. However, with a sequel in the works, does this mean we will get an expansion?

This is a good move in the part of Bungie as a new expansion can bridge the gap in between the two games. Regardless, everything is open to speculation given that Bungie's current plans for 2017 are still unrevealed.

It can be remembered that the game's newest expansion has just released Challenge Modes. This allows players to do an assortment of challenges for a wide variety of rewards similar to badges. A lot of players are also trying to reach the level cap in order to get their hands on cool items.

Bungie will also bring back Sparrow Racing Leagues, and promises more content in the works.