FBI removes Cedrus statue after making over a dozen agents become I'll and hospitalized

Fri Cedrus statue

Tax dollars well spent

So the FBI felt the need to buy a huge wooden statue made out of Western Red Cedar. Conveniently named "Cedrus", the 17 ft statue began making people sick the moment it was placed in the FBI building. Some so sick they were hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks.

According to The Wood Database, Western red Cedar is very allergenic and is quite toxic to those with the allergies.

Maybe the FBI should "investigate" a little more before the make decisions.

Cedrus FBI statue

Over a dozen FBI agents became seriously ill after the sculpture was installed, presumably because many people have severe allergies to Western red cedar. One FBI employee even spent 11 days in the hospital after exposure to the sculpture. The FBI office's lone nurse had to move to another facility after falling seriously ill.

"Upon the installation of the art sculpture, the nurse developed rhinitis, difficulty swallowing, sinus pressure, sneezing, has difficulty breathing and began to itch all over," one of the internal FBI documents obtained by Politico reads