Beer-Mile World Record Holder Signs an Adidas Endorsement

Corey Bellemore beer Mile

Corey Bellemore, the 22 year old Canadian who holds the world record in the Beer Mile, signs an Adidas Endorsement.

corey bellemore beer mile adidas contract

Bellemore, who competes on the track and field team at the University of Windsor in Ontario, won the Beer Mile World Classic in July, setting a world record time of 4:34:35 in an event that requires participants to run a mile while stopping every 400 meters to drink a can of beer. With this new endorsement, he'll have access to all of Adidas' apparel and footwear.

"Corey comes from a track and field background, and he's training for the 2020 Olympics," Kris Mychasiw, a managing partner at Spring Management who represents Bellemore, first told TMZ Sports. "He just kind of walked into the beer mile and happened to be really good at it,"

Mychasiw said Bellemore's ultimate goal is to compete in the 1,500-or 800-meter events at the Olympics, and Mychasiw hopes the Adidas contract, which extends through 2017, will give Bellemore more exposure.

"He's super excited. When I initially approached him about a few companies being interested, he didn't believe me," Mychasiw said. "He's absolutely thrilled about that association."