X-Wing VR Mission complete run through

X-Wing VR Mission Star Wars Battlefront

If you already own the Playstation VR and Star Wars: BattleFront, then on December 6th you will get the free to play download for X-Wing VR Mission

X-Wing VR Mission puts players in the shoes of a rookie pilot escorting a very important mystery character from the upcoming Rogue One, whose identity we'll presumably be able to guess once the film premieres later this month. If you've played a space dogfighting game, whether that's a VR title like EVE: Valkyrie or Battlefront's non-VR X-Wing missions, you'll understand the basic controls, including its combination of stationary guns and lock-on missiles. But the fantasy of being able to inhabit a cockpit in space, especially when you're surrounded by TIE Fighters and Imperial Star Destroyers, remains perennially satisfying. And the single-player mission structure is paced exactly right: a mix of cinematic set pieces and straightforward firefights, peppered with pilot chatter that changes depending on how you play.