Guy builds Cyberpunk wrist watch using a Soviet VFD digital display tube

Cyberpunk steampunk watch

A guy by the name of J. M. De Cristofaro used an old Soviet IVL2-7/5 VFD digital display to build his ChronodeVFD, Cyber/Steampunk Wristwatch.

To add to the 'steampunk' look of the watch, he used a AA battery for the power source and brass tubing for a cage, all on a wide leather band for the watch strap.

In addition to the circuit board, there are a number mechanical innovations featured in this build that need to be pointed out. The most obvious is the brass tubing that frames the display -- what my friend Micah calls the "roll cage." The roll cage is a prominent visual element, and a nice accent that imparts a cool steampunk vibe to the design, though it's purpose is practical. To wit: I've battered and beaten up every wristwatch I've ever owned, and I wanted to mitigate against damage to the glass VFD tube.

cyberpunk watch

steampunk watch