Seafood Doomsday: All edible sea creatures soon to be extinct?

seafood fish extinct in 2048

Are we in danger of losing sushi, oyster shooters, and all other edible sources of seafood for good? According to World Wildlife Fund we are. Currently the fish are being "fished" from the ocean nearly 3 times faster than they can reproduce.

"Unless the current situation improves, stocks of all species currently fished for food are predicted to collapse by 2048."

The oceans ecosystem has been in dire need of attention for decades now. From the distruction of the great barrier reef, and the population of whales, marine turtles, dolphins, and sharks have steadily been on the decline, all effecting the ecosystem.

Why is this happening? And how? The ocean is so massive, how are we depleting it so effectively? WWF lists several reasons: poor fisheries management; fishing pirates that don't respect fishing laws or agreements; massive bycatch of young fish and other marine species; subsidies that keep too many boats on the water; destructive fishing practices; and unfair Fisheries Partnership Agreements that allow foreign fleets to overfish in the waters of developing countries.