The Pacific Northwest will be 'no more', pending massive earthquake

The Pacific Northwest will be 'no more', pending massive earthquake

Seismologists say that in the near future, the Pacific Northwest will experience a devastating earthquake that may reshape the west coast. Areas include, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California and would be the worst natural disaster in history.

In the Pacific Northwest, the area of impact will cover* some hundred and forty thousand square miles, including Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Salem (the capital city of Oregon), Olympia (the capital of Washington), and some seven million people. When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America. Roughly three thousand people died in San Francisco's 1906 earthquake. Almost two thousand died in Hurricane Katrina. Almost three hundred died in Hurricane Sandy. FEMA projects that nearly thirteen thousand people will die in the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami. Another twenty-seven thousand will be injured, and the agency expects that it will need to provide shelter for a million displaced people, and food and water for another two and a half million. "This is one time that I'm hoping all the science is wrong, and it won't happen for another thousand years," Murphy says.

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Illustration by Christoph Niemann; Map by Ziggymaj / Getty