Review : Four Dollar Curren Watch from

four dollar curren watch from

A few weeks ago I was referred to a website called A place where you can pick up gadgets, clothing, and toys for relatively pretty cheap. So for the hell of it I purchased this Curren Leather watch for about $4-$6 dollars to see how good the quality was for the price.

After wearing the watch for about a week, I was really impressed. Now this is no Rolex, but it turns out to be well constructed for a cheapo watch.

1. Band appears to be real leather as advertised.
2. Time piece is metal and glass. (not plastic like some of the review comments suggested)
3. Keeps accurate time. Doesn't slow down or speed up.

1. The "Ticking" of the second hand is a little loud. Can definitely hear it in a movie theater.
2. Chronograph does not work. It's there purely for looks and does not function.

For about $6 bucks, this watch does exactly what you want it to do. Its sturdy, sleek, and fashionable. really impressed.