Unlucky fox, turned into ice cube, gets put on display outside hotel in Germany

Frozen fox ice cube

The future didn't look too bright for this fox, as the poor SOB fell in the Danube River in Germany turning itself into a fox-sickle. 

A hunter, Franz Stehle, found the fox frozen solid in the ice, cut it out, and now displays it outside his families hotel as a type of warning to those who want to play on the ice.

apperantly this year the winter weather has been pretty brutal in Europe, claiming 60 lives already 

A hunter in Germany has put on show a block of ice containing a fox that he says fell into the chilly Danube and drowned, in what he calls a warning of the dangers of the icy river.

Stehle says it's not unusual for animals to break through the frozen surface of the river in winter. He says he's seen a frozen deer and wild boar before.