Japan had a real Westworld before Hollywood had a Westworld

Japan Westworld

North of Tokyo, Japan, sits an old abandoned theme park that looks like a set from HBO's hit Westworld. The park was opened in the 1970's and was oddly enough named 'Western Village'.

$25 million was invested into Western Village.  The park enjoyed great succes in the beginning,  but like anything, it wore out its welcome and visitors stopped coming causing the park to claim bankruptcy.

The park had several super awesome features such as shooting range that was modeled after a scene from a Clint Eastwood movie and even a replica of Mt. Rushmore. 

 Clint Eastwood

Mt Rushmore

Much like Westworld, but not quite,  there are even robotic androids that run the shops in the town.

Western Village

 Western village bar tender



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