Anti-Trump hag kicked off of plane for berating trump supporter

Anti-Trump hag kicked off plane

As this man takes his seat on an airline from Baltimore to Seattle,  a woman next to him asks him, "are you here to celebrate or protest?". The man simply says back to her, "im here to celebrate democracy." Of course, like anything else, this didnt sit well with her so she was left to do the only thing an Anti-Trump liberal knows how to do. Belittle and berate him making a complete fool of herself, which ended in her getting the boot off the plane. 

In the video, the unidentified woman say she was not leaving her seat and that she was heading home because her mother-in-law just passed away, but as the flight staffer said, "it ives you know right to trat a person that way."

As she was being escorted off the plane, the rest of the passengers chant "USA, USA, USA"