74 year old man brings pot cookies to church, gets everyone high

Pot cookies church

A 74 year old man, aka Mr Jones, decided to take his worship "high" to a whole new level, all while bringing members of the congregation with him.

Mr. Jones brought THC laced pot cookies to church as a snack for the group and was questioned by police after 6 church members ended up in the hospital feeling "unusual" since having eaten the cookies. Mr. Jones denied using Marijuana in the recipe,  but  after a warrant was issued to search his house, authorities found a container in his kitchen containing hash oil.

Jones was arrested for recklessness and possession of hash oil.

“We are praying for everyone involved,” said Father Daniel Mahan of the church. “We are praying for Mr. Jones. We are keeping in prayer those who took ill that Sunday and we are praying for justice with mercy.”